Meet the Talalla Yoga Crew....



Teaching from November 2016

Melanie discovered yoga when she was 19 years old traveling in India. After returning home to California, she continued to explore and deepen further into the yoga practice. Yoga has changed her life to the extent she can’t imagine living without it!

Letting creativity flow through her with foundational knowledge of countless hours of practice, trainings, and study; her classes are fun and accessible for everyone. The students Melanie teaches are her biggest inspiration and she is forever grateful to facilitate experiences connecting mind, body, breath and energy.

Alongside Melanie’s yoga studies, she has also achieved a bachelors degree in Kinesiology-Exercise and Movement Sciences with a minor in Holistic Health.  Understanding the importance of being well rounded in complimentary health therapies, she has worked as a physical therapy aide, and has taken training in massage and reiki.

Leaving San Francisco in 2015, Melanie has fully embraced her wandering nature and is taking her yoga mat where ever she goes. Her adventures have lead her to teach yoga in all kinds of exciting settings including; a beautiful jungle shala in Tulum, Mexico, for a surf camp in Taghazout, Morocco, leading yoga sailing retreats around the islands of Croatia, and now in beautiful Sri Lanka at Talalla Retreat!  


Yoga Teacher Melanie





Teaching from February 2017

Evy started practicing yoga and pilates 10 years ago, following a back injury during her training in professional dance. Fascinated by the mechanics of the body, she has spent the last 6 years studying dance science, pilates, yoga, somatic movement therapy and other body work as forms of rehabilitation for both mind and body. She has worked as a corrective exercise specialist alongside physiotherapists and has taught at yoga and Pilates studios across London for several years. Evy is a certified advanced yoga teacher (RYT 500) and holds advanced qualifications in Pilates and massage therapy.

After leaving London to teach on a retreat in Greece in 2015, Evy was inspired to leave the constraints of city life to travel the world, to deepen her knowledge and teach yoga internationally. Her yoga classes are alignment based vinyasa flow, encouraging students to work at their own level yet challenge their own perceived physical and mental limitations both on and off the mat. She is a strong believer in healthy alignment, encouraging a balance of strength and flexibility, the cultivation of a dynamic core and a harmonious relationship with gravity. Evy also teaches restorative and Yin yoga, myofascial release and various forms of meditation.

Her classes balance the views of both Eastern and western medical science, translating yoga in a way that is accessible for everyone. With a playful and down to earth approach, Evy believes in the incredible power of the body, that through science, conscious breath, grace, alignment and intention we can learn how to find our inner strength and overcome fear, be receptive and present every moment of our practice, so every moment of our lives.


Yoga Teacher Evy

Yoga Teacher Evy




Teaching from March 2017

Britt brings a magical element to her yoga classes, as she thoroughly believes that bliss is found in the human experience. Native to the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Britt was practicing yoga before she even realized what yoga was. Whether she found herself riding horses through open fields filled with wild flowers, sitting in deep contemplation in the forest, running barefoot through the grass, stretching after a nap under the trees or savoring the sweet air at dawn, Britt has always felt a deep connection with life.

Britt came to formally practice yoga when she needed a space to reconnect while she attended law school. The thing that drew Britt to yoga most was the realization that we all intuitively practice yoga every single day. We are subliminally intelligent and as soon as we permit our Selves to strip back the layers of identities into which we have been clothed, we find the perfection of simply being.  The peace Britt found in yoga was something that she felt compelled to share with the world. Inspired by the rich teachings of tantra yoga and other Eastern philosophies, Britt decided to undertake a 200 hour RYT training under her teachers at the Yoga on High Teacher Training Institute in Columbus, Ohio. Diving deeply into yoga, Britt furthered certified in Sekoia Yoga and Advanced Reiki Training.

Britt went on to open the first yoga studio in her small hometown, where she was also working as an attorney. While there, Britt heard the call to something deeper. Answering that call, she booked a one-way flight to the Motherland to reveal her path. On her long journey, Britt was told that she would fall in love in India. “It is written,” the man said. With her heart and mind wide open, two months later, Britt was on her way to Australia with her now husband and a clear path.

Since moving to the Australia, Britt has found more ways to live yoga. Wanting to dive deeper into her studies, Britt has undertaken a 500 hour RYT training at Essence of Living’s International Academy on the Gold Coast. Overcoming her innate fear of water, when she’s not teaching yoga you can find Britt surfing any chance she gets.

Britt’s classes are intelligently designed with dynamic sequences eloquently woven with profound yet practical philosophy. She believes yoga does not begin and end on the mat and encourages yoga practitioners to open themselves up to the subtle bliss of simply being in all aspects of life. She invites you to dive deeply into the infinitely rich pool of life and to be sanctified by the nourishing flow of prana found within it. Her classes are an experience not to be missed.


Yoga teacher Britt

Yoga teacher Britt




Teaching from May 2017

Yoga has changed Kelly’s life in so many ways. She started the practice to help find a new way in which to physically move her body after years of marathon running and mountain biking, and sustaining injuries from those sports.

After a few years of practice, she went deeper into the practice and it became a mirror in which she saw herself in all her different layers for the first time. She felt everything about her change. Not just physically, but how she lived her life day by day. Her thought patterns, the words she spoke and how she behaves towards myself and herself. Kelly found the Essence of yoga is connection and unconditional love for everyone and everything thing, seeing the good in everyone and everything. Connecting with a higher source.

Becoming so much happier within herself, Kelly embarked on teacher training with her wonderful teacher Michelle Merrifield on the Gold Coast and a year later with Lance Schuler  in Byron Bay. What Kelly wanted out of the training was to dive deeper into the teachings and continue the work on herself. Eventually She merged into a teaching role eager to share the happiness the practice has brought to her life with others.

Kelly loves  to keep her classes fun, humourous, light hearted and available to everybody, with elements of asana, mantra, pranayama and meditation incorporated into them.

Aside from teaching vinyasa yoga, Kelly also teaches yin yoga, Pilates mat and Pilates barre. She has also completed Thai massage and Zen Thai Shiatsu massage trainings. Outside of yoga and Pilates, Kelly is an animal lover and works part time in an emergency and critical care animal hospital as a nurse, so in her spare time you can find her squeezing any four legged friends she can find.

Kelly looks forward to meeting you on the mat and everywhere else.





Teaching from June 2017

Lindsay is a firm believer in the wisdom of the body, the strength of the heart, and the power of the breath. A lifelong dancer and performance artist, yoga has been a great tool of transformation in her own life that she loves sharing with her students. She approaches her classes with an artful sensibility, so that others can learn to appreciate and love their bodies, minds, and spirits with more connection.

In addition to her yoga certification, Lindsay holds a BFA in dance, choreography, and performance as well as certifications in Pilates and barre. She has taught yoga and movement arts across the United States with previous residencies in California, Florida, and Ohio, and most recently spent 6 months teaching in Nicaragua. She is known to always have a hula hoop and a yoga mat with her where ever she travels and loves adding a little circus flair to anything she does. Life is too short to take seriously all the time!

During her classes, you can expect to find a juicy flow, a deep sense of grounding through the breath, and creative alignment imagery that encourages each student to move with their own ability. Outside of yoga, Lindsay is an aerialist and fire dancer, and enjoys hiking, writing, and exploring other cultures.


Yoga Teacher Lindsay

Yoga Teacher Lindsay




Teaching from June 2017

Elle was birthed into an Aurevedic lifestyle in the magical South West corner of West Australia; Margaret River.

Always with a thirst for exploring nature, new countries, religions and lifestyles. She is an advocate for physical exercise, education and personal growth, her own desire to grow lead her to Canada were she began Yoga and Gym trainer employment.

6 years later she is living her passion as a trainer and instructor; she has studied power Vinyasa, Yin, advanced assisting, multiple certificates ranging for training from strength to rehabilitation.

She is currently finishing her Advanced Diploma of Kinesiolgy, in which she aspires to return to study to become a master in the art of Rolfing, then Physiotherapy.

The human body has always fascinated Elle; philosophy, and the syntonisation of muscular, neurology, and endocrine systems, if you wish to build a stronger discipline with of self awareness and the capabilities of your own body join her on the mat and be open to the idea of exploring your possibilities to designing a life with Yoga; on and off the mat.


Yoga Teacher Elle

Yoga Teacher Elle