Yoga Teacher Training at Talalla

Join the yoga team!


Join us and change your life.


We are currently looking for a young, well groomed and english speaking Sri Lankan to join our yoga team!


If you love yoga and want to become a professional teacher, or just want to be the best yogi you can be, join us

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The total duration of the course will be 6 month after which you will become an accredited yoga teacher! we are very happy to also offer you a position here at Talalla for an extra year after the completion of training.

All the meals during the total duration of the training and contract will be provided.

OBJECTIVE: One of the main objectives, on the trainings, is to touch and experience Yoga first hand so that the deeper understanding of the essence of Yoga is felt and integrated. This takes place through the individual transformation that is encouraged and nurtured throughout the course.

With this understanding, we believe that graduates can then go out into the world and teach from their heart and from their own real understanding of Yoga, not just theoretical knowledge.

Teaching yoga takes passion, dedication, persistence and consistency of practice. Ultimately the objective of the Yoga trainings is to train participants in quality, professionalism, safe and knowledgeable teaching skills and to offer, the teacher to be, as many available teaching tools as possible so that their teaching can be available to everyone. Most importantly, to bring about self responsibility, self understanding, spiritual maturity and awakening to the student. The Yoga trainings prepare the student on an inner reflective level to move towards a spiritual maturity and self-understanding.

If you think this opportunity is suitable for you contact us directly with a recent profile picture, resume and cover letter