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Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training. November 2014.

If you love yoga and want to become a professional teacher, or just want to be the best yogi you can be, join us for YTT.

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International Accreditation: 200 Hours Yoga Alliance

DATE: 1 – 30 November 2014 (1 month full time)

COST: ‘Yoga Arts’ Course fee: AUD$4,300.00


Twin Share: USD$1,690 – Includes twin share accommodation and half board (daily brunch & dinner)

Single: USD$2,871 – Includes single accommodation and half board (daily brunch & dinner)

YOGA ARTS COURSE FEE INCLUDES: All yoga tuition, a comprehensive yoga training manual and a 200 hours Internationally Accredited Yoga Alliance Certification

ARRIVAL: Saturday 1 Nov 2014
DEPARTURE: Sunday 30 November 2014


MEDITATION: guided meditation techniques

PRANAYAMA: guided breathing techniques

ASANA: vinyasa yoga postures with emphasis on alignment focused asanas and the flow of breath from pose to pose

TECHNIQUES: alignment & modifications

TEACHING METHODOLOGY: prop usage, sequencing, adjusting skills, asana & body assessment, personal programs, teaching beginners, injury prevention

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: practical teaching

YOGA ETHICS & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPEMTNT: ethics related to Yoga teachers

SELF INQUIRY & YOGA LIFESTYLE: self analysis & deeper understanding of Self

YOGA PHILOSOPHY: Advaita & Tantra, Mantra, Chanting, Bhajans, Nadis, Chakras, Yamas & Niyamas, introduction to Ayurveda Lifestyle

ANATOMY OF HATHA YOGA: the skeletal, muscular, respiratory, nervous & endocrine systems including movement of joints

YOGA THERAPY: safely working with students with injuries

COMMUNICATION: how to be clear, confident and concise with your teaching instruction

Most important during the course the process of self inquiry is understood. We expect that the students enrolling on our courses have an understanding of the essence of Yoga beyond the techniques. Teaching and studying Yoga is a beautiful lifetime journey. The self-understanding and continual awakening that takes place through the practice of Yoga brings the peace to our lives that we all desire. The added blessing of teaching Yoga is an opportunity to share this gift.

Yoga Arts’ courses are designed to be challenging, to offer the opportunity for optimum growth and transformation for the teacher to be. We feel that to be a good yoga teacher, we need to have the courage to look deeply within ourselves and practice the techniques of Yoga with openness and dedication. Touching the essence of Yoga through ones own personal experience is the keynote for sharing this Art of Yoga through teaching.

For further inquiries and registration please visit the Yoga Arts Sri Lanka Level 1 YTT page on the Yoga Arts’ Website >

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Once enrolled and your course fee deposit has been paid to Yoga Arts, please contact Talalla Retreat directly to book and confirm your accommodation/meal reservation on

The Yoga Arts’ teaching team bring their passion, and many years of teaching experience, to their internationally acclaimed Yoga Teacher Trainings. Yoga Arts offers Level 1 (200 hours) and Level 2 (300 hours) Yoga Alliance Accredited Yoga Teacher Trainings, Advanced Practitioner Intensives and Yoga Holiday Retreats in Bali, Byron Bay and Sri Lanka.


LOUISA SEAR: Asana, Meditation, Pranayama, Self Inquiry, Ayurvedic Lifestyle, Course Coordinator, Founder & Director of Yoga Arts.

ROSE BAUDIN: Yoga Philosophy, Meditation, Pranayama, Ritual, Mantra & Agni Hotra (fire ceremony)

LUCY ROBERTS: Asana, Meditation, Pranayama

STUART GIRLING: Anatomy & Physiology

For more detailed bios of the Yoga Arts teachers please visit the following page on the Yoga Arts’ website; Yoga Arts’ Team >

PREREQUISITE LEVEL 1 YOGA TEACHER TRAINING: To be accepted onto the Yoga Arts level 1 training, students will need to have completed a minimum of 2 years consistent, dedicated yoga practice under the guidance of a qualified yoga teacher(s). The student will also be required to provide Yoga Arts with 1 reference from the qualified yoga teacher they have consistently studied with.

ABOUT THE LEVEL 1 TRAINING: This course offers you a comprehensive and practical training in how to teach Yoga. We welcome experienced practitioners who are ready to refine their skills, in the art of teaching Yoga, and also those who would simply like to deepen their Yoga knowledge and practice for their own personal development.

For participants with less experience, this course will offer a deepening of knowledge and inner inquiry as a stepping stone toward teaching.Teaching Yoga takes many years of passionate dedication, persistence and consistency of practice.This level 1 course offers you a comprehensive, philosophical, theoretical and practical training in how to teach Yoga.

UNIQUENESS OF OUR TRAINING: The unique quality of Yoga Arts’ teacher trainings comes from the quality of our teachers and from the years of teaching experience Yoga Arts has gained by specializing in Yoga Teacher Trainings. The Yoga Arts’ teaching staff has between 10 to 35 years of teaching experience and dedicated Sadhana behind them.

Yoga Arts also maintains its reputation of a high teaching standard by continually optimizing the course content of the trainings to keep up with the demand for training better and better teachers. Emphasis on the training is on truth and authenticity.The Yoga Arts’ trainings are practical, theoretical and designed to be intense and challenging on a physical and emotional level.

OBJECTIVE: One of the main objectives, on the trainings, is to touch and experience Yoga first hand so that the deeper understanding of the essence of Yoga is felt and integrated. This takes place through the individual transformation that is encouraged and nurtured throughout the course.

With this understanding, we believe that graduates can then go out into the world and teach from their heart and from their own real understanding of Yoga, not just theoretical knowledge.

Teaching yoga takes passion, dedication, persistence and consistency of practice. Ultimately the objective of the Yoga Arts’ trainings is to train participants in quality, professionalism, safe and knowledgeable teaching skills and to offer, the teacher to be, as many available teaching tools as possible so that their teaching can be available to everyone. Most importantly, to bring about self responsibility, self understanding, spiritual maturity and awakening to the student. The Yoga Arts’ trainings prepare the student on an inner reflective level to move towards a spiritual maturity and self-understanding.