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TEACHING DATES: From January to March

ABOUT SAFFRON: I grew up on the East Coast of Australia inland from a small town called Byron Bay. From a young age I started ballet and contemporary dance. My mother is a yoga teacher, and under her influence I eventually opened up to exploring the practice of yoga. I soon discovered that it made me feel strong and capable not only physically but emotionally as well. I was able to find a quiet space within my own body… My classes are enjoyable for all yoga lovers with variations given for different levels of experience.  I cover a whole range of styles, from Hatha, fluid vinyasa flow and gentle restorative, yin classes. My commitment is to guide each student to understand their body, to explore and discover the full capacity of their practice, while staying true to who they are, and how they feel on that day. I believe it is important to find a balance between flexibility and strength. It is my priority to teach in an environment that is welcoming, supportive, fun, challenging and safe. Yoga has changed the way I see and conduct my life, for me it is a reflection of what life is in its truest form, a beautiful reminder of how to live a full, honest and peaceful life.



"Best yoga teacher I've had the pleasure of being taught by! ... I'm already planning my return trip to Sri Lanka to see Saffron and Martine again. Lots of love"

− Trish

"I had the pleasure of joining Saffron's yoga classes during my two week visit to Talalla Resort in Sri Lanka. I've dabbled in yoga through the years but have never had regular practice...Saffron is radiating calm and just being in her presence brings peace of mind. Thank you Saffron!"

− Michael



TEACHING DATES: From January to March


I have been a passionate yoga practitioner for over 35 years.

I began learning Hatha yoga in England and then Lyengar and Vinyasa styles. I then moved to Australia where I became a student of Rose Baudin who encouraged me to deepen my practice introducing
pranayama and yoga philosophy in the classes. In the year 2000, I completed a 9 months, full time yoga teacher training under the direction of Louisa Sear in Byron Bay Australia where I obtained my certificate IV.
I have consistently been teaching for the past 16 years! This will be my 5th season in beautiful Talalla retreat. I also conduct yearly yoga intensive and classes in the South of France.

I give regular weekly and private classes in the area where I live.

I try to bring wisdom and spirituality to my classes.
I like to guide, nourish and support each student regardless of their level  or age in classes that are fluid and include a combination of meditation, pranayama, relaxation as well as asanas.

Yoga has taught me strength and openness of mind and has changed my way of
being and conducting my life!





TEACHING DATES: From April to September

ABOUT NIK:  Nik was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand and studied Yoga under the tutelage of Noah Maze in Ubud, Bali. Nik teaches Yin Yoga and its yang counterpart Vinyasa Flow. “My Yin places an emphasis on observing the process. What the experience feels like, rather than what it looks like. It’s slow, relaxing and introspective, a remedy for the modern pace of life. When I teach Vinyasa it’s dynamic & flowing. It’s as if the breath is moving the body. The goal is to build strength, flexibility and balance while remaining conscious of the breath.” Nik describes his style as eclectic and modern as he believes Yoga should reflect the society and individuals practicing it. In 2014 Nik created Here & Now Yoga and runs Yin Yoga workshops, Yoga music fusion events and Yoga workshops tailored to athletes of all sports.





TEACHING DATES: From April to September

ABOUT SHIAN: Shian is a positive warm-hearted yogi whose sole mission is to inspire people to live bright and balanced lives.Having completed her Diploma of Yoga at Wellpark College in 2011 her style is a gentle mix of hatha and vinyasa and is suitable for all levels.
She is inspired by all schools of yoga and is grateful to the many sages and gurus who have passed down this ancient knowledge for her to share.Her passion lies in breaking down the barriers which hinder people from giving yoga a try and believes that yoga truely is for EVERY body.When’s she’s not teaching yoga, she’s either dancing, organising health and well-being events or probably frolicking on a beach somewhere.



"Your yoga classes have really helped me. I used to have a lot more lower back pain and general aches and pains, but the more I see you the better I feel... My posture is better and my shoulders are also a lot more free and pains have started to go away. With more work I'm expecting this will keep improving... Thank you very much"

− Jacque

"Since attending Shian's classes I have noticed that I sleep better, I relax quicker, walk taller and feel so much better. Shian is an amazingly inspiring teacher who loves what she does. The love and energy that she brings to the class leaves you feeling energised and smiling. I can’t recommend her classes enough!"

− Todd

Tara Sandra


TEACHING DATES: From October to December

ABOUT SANDRA: A dedicated student of all aspects of Yoga and a Yogini, Sandra has been teaching for more than 15 years, bringing together meditation and movement to everyone’s ability. For over 2 decades she is deeply involved with Buddhist philosophy, practising meditation and silent retreats. Her training in Yoga started by an immersion into Asanas and Pranayam in the tradition of the Bihar school of Yoga, and over the years widen to Raja, Jnana and Bhakti Yoga. Her Yoga classes emphasize alignment and breath awareness, while being nourished with heart and joy. A standard Asana class will offer also Pranayam, meditation and relaxation and personal attention will be given to each and every one. She is influenced by the great Masters BKS Iyengar and Sivananda and introduces Vinyasa flow inspired from Sharon Gannon and David Life of the Jivamukti. All her teachings are adapted to the capabilities of the students and she is offering a safe and encouraging support to deepen everyone’s level. Join Sandra, one of the finest Yoga Teacher Sri Lanka has available.




"We can’t thank you enough to the complete yoga experience. Our practice has come so far in such a small amount of time, we both feel so much stronger and balanced.It has been such a pleasure getting to know you and hearing your incredible stories. Sharing meal times together have helped us feel very supported as we were able to reflect on our meditation, pranayama and asana experiences."

− Lucas & Jess

"I have had such a happy week, thank you. Reading all of the testimonials on your website before I came, I had very high expectations and they were more than surpassed."

− Claire




TEACHING DATES: From October to December

ABOUT JOHNNY: Johnny was addicted to yoga after his first class and after six months of committed practice was encouraged by his teachers to embark on the teacher training program. Initially drawn to the strong physical practice of Haha Vinyasa, it was after doing a Baron Baptiste 40 day intensive program that the philosophy of yoga really started to resonate. This catalysed what was to become a complete life change as he transformed from plumber to full time yogi. Johnny completed his 200 hour Hatha Vinyasa teacher training with Duncan Peak….founder of power living Australia. Johnny has also completed a 200 hour teacher training with Radhika Yoga in Jaipur, India.