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My love affair with the practice of yoga began when I was 22. I had no idea that there was any yoga in my future, but looking back, I can see how from the beginning, I had been learning to use obstacles and resistances in order to progress. Yoga wasn’t something outer that had to be taken in. It was already present in me from the start, awaiting to be discovered, and refined. My passion for movement & mind body connection was illuminated by the depth, clarity and heart opening philosophies of yoga. This spark of faith was ignited within me, and I took the next step which lead me to complete my initial Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) certification 200 hrs through Essence Of Living Academy in 2013. Since then I have completed further studies in various movement modalities & healing arts~ additional 500 hrs Yoga Teacher Training, 200 hrs Pilates Teacher Training, Certificate III & IV fitness, qualified as a Thai Massage therapist & bodyworker, and became a oneness blessing giver. I have had the opportunity to practice and study with incredibly respected teachers, including Dena Kingsberg, Mark Togni, Michelle Merrifield, Lance Schuler & Simon Borg-Olivier who have all played great influential forces in my life.
Teaching is a gift, and I mean that with my entire being. When I walk into a room, I know I have a responsibility and a commitment to the people in the room. There is a special kind of magic thats encircled us in a moment of time, fuelled with passion, purpose and potential.

I offer Vinyasa Flow classes catering to different levels (power, restorative, yin, beginners, general to advanced. My offerings are creative investigations into the physical, philosophical and daily applications of yoga, through movement, play and connection.

I have worked alongside Roxy & Quiksilver, instructing classes at there Roxy Pro Surf Events as well Roxy Fitness events (leading yoga classes of up to 500 participants), I have guided professional sporting teams including The Suns AFL Team, resorts, corporate work places, one on ones, Sports & Fitness Centres and teach at Yoga Schools including Essence Of Living (my home base), Ritual Yoga & Pilates Studio, and Boheme & Body Wellness Shala.

I continue to explore and learn really juicy stuff about us and incorporate these into my teaching and therapeutic work.
I look forward to being a part of your yoga journey.

Oceans of love,




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TEACHING DATES: From January to March

ABOUT SAFFRON: I grew up on the East Coast of Australia inland from a small town called Byron Bay. From a young age I started ballet and contemporary dance. My mother is a yoga teacher, and under her influence I eventually opened up to exploring the practice of yoga. I soon discovered that it made me feel strong and capable not only physically but emotionally as well. I was able to find a quiet space within my own body… My classes are enjoyable for all yoga lovers with variations given for different levels of experience.  I cover a whole range of styles, from Hatha, fluid vinyasa flow and gentle restorative, yin classes. My commitment is to guide each student to understand their body, to explore and discover the full capacity of their practice, while staying true to who they are, and how they feel on that day. I believe it is important to find a balance between flexibility and strength. It is my priority to teach in an environment that is welcoming, supportive, fun, challenging and safe. Yoga has changed the way I see and conduct my life, for me it is a reflection of what life is in its truest form, a beautiful reminder of how to live a full, honest and peaceful life.  



TEACHING DATES: From January to March

ABOUT MARTINE:I have been a passionate yoga practitioner for over 35 years.I began learning Hatha yoga in England and then Lyengar and Vinyasa styles. I then moved to Australia where I became a student of Rose Baudin who encouraged me to deepen my practice introducingpranayama and yoga philosophy in the classes. In the year 2000, I completed a 9 months, full time yoga teacher training under the direction of Louisa Sear in Byron Bay Australia where I obtained my certificate IV.I have consistently been teaching for the past 16 years! This will be my 5th season in beautiful Talalla retreat. I also conduct yearly yoga intensive and classes in the South of France.

I give regular weekly and private classes in the area where I live.I try to bring wisdom and spirituality to my classes.I like to guide, nourish and support each student regardless of their level  or age in classes that are fluid and include a combination of meditation, pranayama, relaxation as well as asanas.Yoga has taught me strength and openness of mind and has changed my way of being and conducting my life!  



TEACHING DATES: From April to September

ABOUT Sally : My first contact with yoga was around 2009; I was searching for a counter balance to my very demanding and busy job and found in yoga a beautiful mix of physical „workout“ and that other side of a practice, that make you go so much deeper….

Soon I figured that yoga will take a larger part in my live and so I decided 2012 to do my first 200hrs teacher training at Talalla with the Australian yoga school Yoga Arts under the guidance of Louisa Seers. Since then I have been constantly deeping my knowledge by taking part in international training and immersions with Simon Park (Prana Flow), Tara Judelle (Embodied Flow) and most recently Janet Stone (enrolled in the 500hrs advanced program at the moment).

Having taped into a different aspect of myself and being eager to learn, explore and evolve – I have decided to pack up my stuff and have been traveling and teaching yoga all around the globe for the last 2 years, keeping Stuttgart, Germany as my home base where I teach as a resident yoga instructor when I am not roaming the planet…

My typical classes are a mix of dynamic and flowing Vinyasa as well as long holds and a focus on correct alignment, adding Pranayama, Meditation and Yin Yoga classes, according to the individual needs of my students. Overall I put the focus on the journey inwards to enable every student to find his full potential without missing out on one of the most important aspect; to engage with oneself and find enjoyment from within!

Experiencing in my own body that potent connection between body and mind – becoming aware of possibilities of healing from within and diving deep into a philosophy that is so adaptable to our modern days needs makes me want to share this practice with everybody who encounters me with an open mind and heart.

The inner calmness and ease, as well as the physical well-being that I experience in my practice is what I want to pass on to my students and enable them to grow their own yoga path!


TEACHING DATES: From April to September

ABOUT Jess : Jessica Goozée is an inspired yoga and meditation practitioner, Holistic health coach, Dynamic Flow instructor and lover of the deep blue sea.

Jess has trained and taught extensively in Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Rehabilitative and Restorative Yoga as well as dynamic and advanced styles of yoga and fitness in studios and health clubs around the world.

In addition, Jess facilitates Nutrition and Wellness Coaching Workshops for corporate, public and private groups.

Jess graduated at the Australian Academy of Yoga and The Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York. Jess has worked with some of the world’s most renowned international spiritual leaders and yoga teachers and is currently facilitating immersive retreat programs around the world.

Jess’s class style is dynamic, fun, exciting warm and accessible.  Designed to create space for deep personal awakening into the physical body and to create a moving meditation that compliments the synchronicity with the ocean and your surfing adventures.

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