Yoga Retreat for Women

19 - 31 Oct 2014 AND 26 Apr - 8 May 2015 AND 10 - 23 Oct 2015



Join us on an Inspiring
this is the ultimate Yoga Retreat for Women.

 The inspiration in setting up these travel retreats came from a desire to offer something different to the beautiful women I have worked with, at home in my own businesses and the retreats I have been employed in over the last twenty-five years.I aim to provide an experience that combines the excellent qualities of retreats I have been involved in, with the vibrant and warm culture of Sri Lanka. We offer women the opportunity to gently leave their comfort zone, while still creating a nurturing, healthy and safe adventure in a beautiful and luxurious environment; an adventure as good for ones physical and mental health as for ones spiritual heart. We combine optional daily yoga and meditation classes, a delicious, healthy menu, massage and Ayurvedic treatments with plenty of time to relax by the pool at our stunning home base, Talalla.

Talalla Resort is situated on the south coast of Sri Lanka, surrounded by exotic jungle and beautiful beaches. Excellent surfing beaches are close by. Surf lessons or a guide for the more experienced are available. While at Talalla we also include tours to various destinations and temples around the local region giving you an opportunity to immerse yourself in the local Sri Lankan culture.

Helen, a gifted healer, has been involved in the health and wellbeing industry for over 25 years. As a trained massage therapist and energy healer, she is also a qualified yoga teacher, having trained, studied and worked in various countries around the world. Also a qualified chef, her love for cooking healthy,wholesome, nutritious cuisine for numerous workshops and gigs is still something she enjoys immensely.  Helen has worked in many top health retreats in Australia and overseas and has continually run her own business’s in catering, massage, yoga classes,  day and residential retreats, wholesale clothing and chai tea.Her passion is running her travel adventures and yoga retreats in Sri Lanka, she is about to launch an Ayurvedic Detox retreat and also a Mountain Retreat both based in the stunning country of Sri Lanka.

Helen’s business  ‘Step Through the door ‘ is about stepping through your own door to open yourself to the expansive experiences and opportunities that life has to offer, creating the lifestyle that you would just love.

Helen philosophy on life; ‘don’t let anything hold you back, just do everything you love. It’s all possible. Go for itHelen feels extremely blessed to be able to teach yoga. She uses her intuition, tuning into the students and their needs creating a unique class each time. Helen encompasses all styles of yoga:

Hatha yoga (breathe)

Iyengar yoga (alignment)

Ashtanga Vinyassa (flow)

Restorative yoga (nourishing and restoring).

Helen aims to restore, nourish, and soften the physical body, strengthening and connecting to the body’s core. Calming the fluctuations of the mind and creating a sense of expansion and space through out the whole body and mind via the incredible power of the Breath. Returning one’s being to natural state of alignment and bliss.

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