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Reserve your place to celebrate in Tropical Paradise


Celebrate the start of a lifetime of love at Talalla

The beautifully maintained grounds and tropical gardens at Talalla are the perfect place for the celebration of a marriage or unions of two hearts in a traditional Poruwa wedding ceremony.

A Poruwa ceremony is a traditional Sri Lankan wedding ceremony with Buddhist influences. The ceremony takes place on a “Poruwa”, a beautifully decorated, traditional wooden platform and involves a series of rituals performed by the bride and groom, and their families. Often the Poruwa is decorated with lotus blossoms which in Buddhist philosophy represent faithfulness.

At a Poruwa Wedding Ceremony, the bride and groom will exit their bungalow, followed by a procession of Kandyian traditional dancers and drummers. They will then be led to the special marriage platform called the Poruwa, with the blowing of the conch shell.



Next, the exchange vows and also betel leaves 7 times in a tradition that means the bond unity and love will last 7 generations. The marriage is symbolized by tying the index fingers of the couple with a golden chain. Water is then poured on it by the master of ceremonies from an ornate silver jug whilst chanting blessings from God.

After the couple exchange rings they feed each other with milk, rice and water, a symbolic pledge to take care of each other for life.

To celebrate the marriage, young Sri Lanka girls dressed in traditional saree will sing wedding songs.
After this is completed the newly wed couple will step down out of the special marriage Poruwa with the chanting and beating of drums.

Traditionally as the couple steps down a coconut is broken to bless them with children.The couple will light a traditional oil lamp to symbolize light, health and success, before taking a ceremonial walk along the beach, symbolizing their journey together for life.

Legal Requirements for weddings at Talalla Retreat

  • The couple should hold a minimum period of 05 days residency at the hotel prior to the date of the ceremony.
  • The wedding will take place in the hotel premises and it will be conducted by the Master of Ceremonies at any day between 8.00am to 6.00pm.
  • No one under 21 years of age is permitted to marry in Sri Lanka, according to the Government regulations.

Customise your wedding at Talalla.

Create your special day, with elements of Sri Lankan and traditional European weddings.

  • Traditional dancers, drummers and singers.
  • Traditional wedding arch – Poruwa.
  • The Sri Lankan master of ceremonies.
  • The garden and villa decorated with flowers.
  • Traditional flower bouquet.
  • Hire of traditional Saree and National Kit for the bride and groom.
  • Dressing of bride and groom including makeup and hair.
  • Champagne.
  • Wedding Meal – Traditional Sri Lankan menu or a 5 course western ala carte menu.
  • Photographs including a wedding album, (sent to their home address if they are not staying long in the area).
  • 3 nights’ accommodation including all meals inclusive of all taxes.

Bespoke Wedding Options

  • Chantings
  • Kandyan dancers & Drummers
  • Six young girls to chant the Jayamangala gatha
  • Registrar of marriages and translation of marriage certificate
  • Poruwa with natural flowers
  • Bridal bouquet
  • Garland & buttonhole for bridegroom
  • Photographs
  • Video taping of the ceremony
  • Brides Kandyan Saree and Jewellery (on hire)
  • Bridegroom’s National (decorative Kandyan costume)
  • Dressing of the Bride, hair and makeup


Do you wish to run Private Yoga Retreats, Trainings or Workshops?

Talalla Retreat offers the perfect setting to conduct a retreat, training, conference or workshop.

Private Yoga Retreats and Groups

We are delighted to be the retreat venue of choice for a number of renowned yoga instructors from as far as Russia, Australia, Italy and the Czech Republic. Talalla welcomes all types of yogis, and brings groups together with easy organising.

The two Talalla Yoga Shalas are set in a beautiful lush garden and coconut grove opposite the 20 metre swimming pool. The setting is relaxed and peaceful with the sounds of rolling waves and abundant birdsong. Occasionally there is the chattering and clattering of monkeys as they make their way to the forest.

The studios are open air with a back wall which is ideal where wall space is needed for either yoga props or projector screen.

There is no charge for using the Talalla yoga shalas. It is included as part of your groups package. We provide all props including mats, blankets, blocks and bolsters. The larger shala can fit up to 30 – 40 people comfortably, and the smaller shala up to 12.

About our groups packages.

To avail of great group rates you must book a minimum of 10 persons. If the group organiser books 10 rooms or more, we offer free accommodation and food for one teacher.

Group rates include brunch and dinner daily, as well as an assortment of teas and filtered water.

Group bookings are only available from 1 March – 30 November.

Talalla can accommodate up to 60 people in our rooms. Ground floor rooms can be arranged as single, double, twin or triple occupancy. Upstairs rooms can be arranged for single, double or twin share.

Talalla welcomes all types of groups.

Private Surf Groups

We are delighted to welcome private surf groups to Talalla. Depending on the season, we can provide all surf equipment, as well as private photography, videography, surf guide and transport.

Exclusive Bungalow Usage

For groups of between 10 – 20, we are delighted to offer the Bungalow exclusively. The Bungalow contains 7 double/twin rooms, and 6 dorm beds at the rear. Inside, a large dining table or lounge area make a perfect spot for a private family or retreat group. Contact us for more information.

Destination Weddings at Talalla.

We’d love to host your wedding, and can make great group rates available if you wish your family and friends to join you. Contact us for more details.