Ayurvedic Consultation

Ayurveda can be directly translated as ‘the science of life’, this healing science which initially arose from India is slowly becoming mainstream in many Western countries. A Talalla Health and Wellness Retreat we attempt to offer you some incite into the science of Ayurveda.

On arrival you will complete a consultation with Prabha our resident Doctor of Ayurveda who will determine any imbalances which may be present.You will then be prescribed a series of practices and natural internal remedies to be taken during your stay, this will also help facilitate some immediate change during your stay.

To learn more about Ayurveda and gain some incite before your stay, check out our blog.

Bodywork & Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is an approach to health centred on empowerment of the individual and active management. Too often we are reliant on practitioners, medication, stimulants to provide us with passive short-term relief of our discomfort.

This removes the individual even further from understanding their own physical, mental and spiritual health.

During your stay at Talalla Health and Wellness Retreat you will receive a consultation from our Bodyworker and Yoga Therapist, Garrett. You will be provided with an individually tailored yoga practice of a series of simple asanas and other techniques.

These simple asanas and practices will allow you to gain some incite into your own body and provide you with something you can take home with you and integrate into your everyday. Over time and with practice this will start to instigate significant change.


Yoga is the perfect tool for both physical and mental renewal.

With our classes all containing components of asana (physical practice), pranayam (training of the breath) and meditation (practice of creating calm), you are sure to find something for you.

We have daily Group Asana Classes – 7:30am and 4:30pm in our open air yoga shala

This physical practice is prefect for reconnecting with your body and improving your overall physical health. But most importantly they are a fun, creative and space within which you can get to know your body a little bit deeper.

We also offer guided meditation and yin yoga sessions to help improve your ability to relax, digest and sleep.

Meditation & Pranayam

Often an intimidating or misunderstood technique, meditation is centered on learning the techniques for a clearer, calmer and more centered mind.

There are a variety of different meditation practices which exist, all having different foundations.

These play an important role in each of our retreats and whilst initially daunting, a simple and consistent practice is all that is required to start to see the benefits of this technique.

Cooking Class

Head to the local markets to get the ingredients to create you own authentic Sri Lankan dish. Your Ayurvedic Practitioner will give you some some guidance as to which ingredients best suit you and your body. You will then be guided through by our Internationally trained chefs as you learn to prepare the dish from scratch.

Then sit back, enjoy the afternoon and let the fest simmer away until it is ready enjoy at dinner.

Surfing – SUPing

Refresh and cleanse yourself in the beautiful waters of the Indian Ocean. As part of your retreat you will have the option to participate in 2 surf lessons where you will learn the joys of wave riding with our experienced and professional surf coaches.

We also have a range of Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUPs) which we will use to gain a different look at the Sri Lankan coastline.

Spa Treatments

Ayurvedic massages are available to you to improve energy balance in the body and mind.We have a wide range of different treatments to satisfy your needs.

Indulge your self with those relaxing, rejuvenating and calming massages:

  • Full body: reduces tension and fatigue while providing excellent all round relaxation.
  • Deep tissue massage: Chakra balancing
  • Reflexology
  • Aromatherapy: Using 100% natural essential oil. Aroma therapy is an ancient art of massage combining swedish lymphatic and shiatsu methods.
  • Swedish massage
  • Aryuvedic massage
  • Shirodhara: Classical ayurvedic treatment where warm oil is poured in continuous flow over the forehead, followed by a head and shoulder massage, is effective for the treatment of headaches, insomnia and all types of mental tension.
  • Manicure and pedicure
  • Natural facials treatments
  • Body wraps and scrubs

Day Excursions

Day excursions to immerse your self in the sri lankan culture.

  • Dickwella market: Colourful and delicious sri lankan tropical fruits and veggies.
  • Dondra Lighthouse: the highest lighthouse of southern Asia
  • Weherahena Temple: 39m high Buddah, underground temple that tells hundred of ancient stories.
  • Mulkirigala Vihara Rock temple: Rock monastery with its remarkabl history an unrivallled setting dates back to the 2nd century BC.  Meditation available
  • Handunugoda Tea plantation: The tea factory is a living and working museum with machines used 140 years ago to produce tea.
  • Galle Fort: The world heritage listed old dutch fort covers a total of 36 hectares and its winding streets and lanewaysare layered with an ancient and rich story.
  • The blow hole
  • Udawalawe National park
  • Yala National Park