Getting Here

How do I get to Talalla Retreat?

Talalla is located on the southern tip of Sri Lanka near the city of Matara. It is well connected with public transport from all parts of Sri Lanka.

From the airport:

Van Pick-up (3.5 hours):

With prior arrangement, we can pick you up upon your arrival at the airport 24 hours a day. Our driver will be ready with a sign reading your name – Talalla Retreat. We can fit up to 6 persons in the van. Fewer if you are carrying surfboards.

Taxi or Other Drivers (Average 4 Hours):

Taxis are available at the airport. Some will be willing to take you to the south coast – others will hesitate. Make sure you say Matara/Gandara as a destination point so that they know where they are heading and ensure they know exactly where Talalla is. if you take a private driver from the transport stands in the arrival terminal, make sure that you bargain to ensure that you get the best deal. A reasonable price is US$ 130 (16000 RPS) one way.

Train (Average 7 Hours):

Sri Lanka is well known for itʼs beautiful train rides through the local villages and coastal towns. This is one of the longer options and will involve a Tuk-Tuk or taxi ride to the closest station. But it would be well worth your time if you are after a bit of an adventure and would like to experience some of the local culture first hand.

Bus (Average 6-10 Hours)

This option would suit people traveling on a budget, not for the faint hearted! The chaos on the roads of Sri Lanka can be a bit overwhelming at first but if you are into adventure then this can be a wild experience! There are buses that utilize the newly established highway from Colombo to Matara and a local bus can be taken form Matara to Talalla.

Cinnamon Air Sea Plane (1 Hour Flight)

How fancy, right? Yes… Sea planes can be rented to fly from Colombo to a destination about 45 minutes from Talalla, Just make sure you have your camera with you because the Sri Lankan coast scenery will be mind blowing!