External Yoga Retreats at Talalla Retreat Sri Lanka

Several times a year, we invite experienced teachers from all over the world to facilitate their own Yoga Retreats at Talalla.

Join these special yoga retreats to deepen your practice and for some extra fun. 


Newport Yoga Centre’s Sri Lanka Yoga & Surf Retreat
May 7th to May 12th, 2017

RYOHO Yoga is the original yoga therapy. Our yoga will detox and stabilise digestive problems. Make your body strong and dynamic and able to support you.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO… Break old habits and provide yourself with new possibilities, leaving you looking fantastic and feeling amazing?

We invite you to our 6 day Yoga & Surf Retreat at Talalla Resort, the perfect place to replenish your soul and re-energise the body and mind. Our Ryoho Therapy based yoga will correct structural and functional problems, allowing you to deal with health issues before they become critical. The retreat is run by Tania a senior Ryoho teacher with 20 year’s experience, who continues to hone her skills under the guidance of Ryoho founder and yoga master Andzej Gospodarczyk.

Tania’s yoga & detox week gives you the opportunity to develop the contractive power of the belly to permanently stabilise the elimination function. All possibilities are open to us and all our wishes and desires can be born. Through mental focus and the appropriate actions any desire can be manifested.

In just six days with corrective yoga and mineral filled organic whole-foods, you will give your heart a rest and clean the body and mind. One must eliminate the old to make way for the new. NOW is the time to set new standards and form new behaviours for the fulfilment of our dreams.

During our time in Sri Lanka its Buddha’s birthday and the festive surroundings including we will be taking Tuk Tuks to the local small beautiful temple, meditating and being blessed by the Buddhist Monks and Lama’s.

Other surprise activities during the day like paddle boarding out front will be organised during our time and plenty of time to relax around the pool, lie in a hammock or have a game of backgammon.

Facilitator: Newport Yoga Centre

Newport Yoga Centre's Sri Lanka Yoga & Surf Retreat Packages and Prices

Retreat includes accommodation, yoga retreat and all food

Accommodation offered beachside Bamboo Huts & Sea View Villas

  • 2 yoga classes a day
  • Daily meditation
  • Experience and practice Shiatsu massage
  • Tuk tuk ride to a local temple with meditation and blessings


Newport Yoga Centre’s Sri Lanka Yoga & Surf Retreat
7th - 12th May, 2017

Shared Bungalow (2 single beds or 1 double) Private Bungalow (1 person, double bed)
$1000 $1325


Enough is Enough Women Retreat
July 7th to July 13th, 2017

Enough is Enough is for any woman who wants to finally stand up for herself and say NO.

  • No to unresolved issues with loved ones
  • No to shame and fear of speaking your truth
  • No to feeling small and like you don’t matter
  • No to sabotaging yourself
  • No to letting the ‘inner bitch’ out then feeling guilt and regret
  • No to being disconnected from your inner power
  • No to feeling stressed and overwhelmed
  • No to loneliness, disconnection and depression
  • No to abusive relationships
  • No to letting your past traumas dictate your future

Enough is Enough is a retreat designed especially for women and focuses on digging into past wounds to heal them so you can charge forward with your life powered by passion. It will give you clarity, confidence and courage to take your next step. Author, Speaker, Certified Facilitator, Strategic Interventionist + Empowerment Coach Randa El Zein will take you through this transformational life changing experience.

Why attend?

Rekindle your desire to chase after your dream and feel excited about your daily pursuits in life.

Explore what your life purpose and career calling is and how to attract more of it into your life.

Reconnect with your natural essence and allow yourself to be who you really want to be. Connect to your truth again and feel spiritually balanced.

Uncover the patterns of your intimate relationships and learn effective strategies to help you strengthen those bonds.

Learn to tap into the power of your health, your wellbeing and your energy, to feel better than you have in years and take back control of your body and how you feel.

Facilitator: Be You International Retreats

Enough is Enough Women Retreat

Enough is Enough Women Retreat
7th - 13th July, 2017

– Airport Transfers in Colombo (to & from the resort)

– Accommodation for 6 nights at Talalla resort

– Delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the retreat

– Daily Yoga offered by Talalla instructors who will tailor these morning classes with you in mind and prepare you for the day ahead

– Guided Meditation sessions

– Group coaching with Randa

– Private coaching with Randa during breaks & excursions time

– 3 Massage sessions to be booked with Talalla’s very skilled team of massage therapists. You get to choose from a wide variety of indulgent spa treatments.

– Excursions, chosen carefully for the flow of the retreat and will be announced only at the reception dinner party on the first night. Hint: This will include a shopping trip to Galle Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

– A set of Be You cards

– A questionnaire to be completed when you register that Randa goes through prior to retreat to maximize on the learning you will get


Seaview Villas - Private Room Seaview Villas - Shared Room
USD 2600 USD 2400


Lila Vinyasa 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training
with Clara Roberts-Oss and Carolyn Anne Budgell
April 1st to April 22nd, 2017

** Yoga Alliance Certified, Lila School of Vinyasa Yoga **

Join Clara Roberts-Oss and Carolyn Anne Budgell in this holistic teacher training program designed to help you deepen your practice and understanding of the body as well as learn all the skills for instructing an incredible Vinyasa Yoga class.

Diving into a teacher training is not just for those who want to teach yoga, but also for those wishing to create a greater connection to breath, community and their inner teacher. This program focuses on the principles for living a balanced lifestyle in a modern society and how to be a role model for others.


– Why Yoga? What yoga means for us in the present day, why do we practice, how should we practice and how can we share it effectively with others?

– The Yoga Postures: detailed alignment and anatomy through daily asana labs to break it all down and build it up methodically.

– Safety and Options For Everyone: contraindications of yoga poses and variations for all levels of students (how to look at all different types of bodies!)

– Hands-on Adjustments: the delicate actions and ethics of touching and assisting others.

– Sequencing: an important chapter on intelligently sequencing yoga poses and creating seamless vinyasa flows with a heating element, peak poses and a calming cool down.

– The Roots: philosophy, Sanskrit pronunciation, overview of various lineages that contribute to the yoga we know today and history of the yoga tradition.

– Pranayama: various breathing techniques and gentle practices to understand our vital life force.

– Subtle Body Energies: chakras, nadis and other unseen lines flowing through the body.

– The Healing Powers of: mantra, meditation and the ancient medicine of Ayurveda.

– The Business of Yoga: how to get started, authentically integrating the many hats of a yoga teacher, settling in to your own voice, boundaries, honing in on a niche and your passion for teaching.


– A daily yoga, pranayama and meditation practice.

Because the best teacher is a lifelong student.

– Applied hands-on teaching experience.

Jump right in to practice teaching. Discover the authentic voice within. Clara and Carolyn are passionate about and committed to providing registered trainees with as much hands-on time teaching as possible during this training.

– Exploration of anatomy basics in your own body. 

Learn anatomy from the best of the best and how it directly relates to yoga postures and to finding safe alignment in all poses.

– Feedback on sequences and practice teaching.

Growth comes from discussion, asking questions and learning ways to improve. Carolyn and Clara provide a safe environment for feedback on the physical and subtle aspects of teaching.

– Relevant and personal stories/sharing.

Your path and all that has led you to this moment is important. Explore ways to share your story while listening and connecting to the journeys of others.

– Contemplating your unique body and the wisdom that lies within.

Yoga is a practice of experimentation that spans our entire lifetime. We all require different poses and types of movement at different stages, but if you can honour and appreciate your phase at any given time, your respect and understanding for others will be instantly felt. Tune into your self, your wisdom and uncover how to teach from this place.

** This course was carefully designed by Clara and Carolyn for anyone with 2 years of Vinyasa practice. For more information, please email carolynabudgell@gmail.com 

Facilitator: Carolyn Anne Budgell

Lila Vinyasa 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

Lila Vinyasa 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training
1st - 22nd April, 2017


Big House Room - Private Room Big House Room - Shared Room Deluxe Room - Private Room Deluxe Room - Shared Room Bamboo Hut - Private Room Bamboo Hut - Shared Room Sea View Room - Private Room Sea View Room - Shared Room
USD 3609.90 USD 3126.90 USD 3975.30 USD 3336.90 USD 4018.35 USD 3463.95 USD 4282.95 USD 3510.15

Please note, prices are subject to change without prior notice.