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Beautiful Bawa

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Sri Lanka’s most beloved architect, Geoffrey Bawa, had a home at Lununganga, near Bentota, and about 2 hours north of Talalla Retreat.

The man who created “tropical modernism” certainly created a personal utopia here. Butterfly lakes open up onto acres of stepped grounds, with gates to nowhere interspersed in the undergrowth.

This is the country estate of the artist, started in 1947, and the very location that led him to becoming an architect.

Throughout his life, Mr Bawa continued to change and experiment with the space. This hand-chiseled sandstone leopard overlooks the gardens, keeping watch over the estate and the memory this historic Sri Lankan.

Image courtesy of D.Jones Photography and may not be reproduced.


Posture of the week: High Skandasana

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High Skandasana
A great posture for building strength in the knees and thighs…
Reconnect with muladhara chakra (the root chakra) to feel grounded and strong!
Great to incorporate into your practice around the full moon when the energy is scattered and the mind is busy.
Make sure your knee is in line with your ankle your core is engages and your foundation is strong.


Posture of the week: Wild thing pose

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Wild Thing Pose “Camatkarasana”
Opens the Chest, shoulders, throat, hips and hip flexors.
A beautiful elegant and invigorating posture, when done correctly can strengthen the spine.
It is important to move into and out of this posture slowly and with caution engage mula bandha and breath…
Drink up the posture and feel the entire bodys reaction to this super yummy pose.


Experience our yoga shala’s magic

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Practicing yoga with nature….

Here at Talalla Retreat we are dedicated to our yoga practice. We have two separate outdoor yoga shala’s to maximize our capacity to practice.

Both of our yoga pavilions are large spacious open air custom built studio’s , cooled by sea breezes and overlooks lush tropical grounds.

The main Yoga Shala is one of the largest yoga spaces in Asia and was created to accommodate classes of up to 45 participants.

Our second ‘mini’ shala is used to hold our daily yoga sessions while the main shala is occupied by international retreat groups.

Practicing within this outdoor Yoga Shala is a unique and unforgettable experience. The natural surroundings and fresh crisp air add to the benefits of the practice.

Yoga is all about being one or part with nature. Hence, doing yoga exercises in the outdoors is one of the best ways to truly experience the benefits of yoga.

Our facilities offer the perfect surrounding to support you in your yoga practice.

Hire the Yoga Shala

Talalla Retreat offers the perfect setting to conduct a retreat, training or conference. The setting here at Talalla is extremely relaxed and peaceful. The Shala is large and can accommodate up to 45 participants, it is a open sided studio, with a large wall along the back, ideal where wall space is needed. The studio is set in aopen grassed coconut grove opposite the large swimming pool.
Talalla Retreat is fast becoming a sought after location for transformational work in the area of Yoga, Tai Chi, Dance, Creative writing and Spiritual Inquiry. Where a lot of popular workshop locations have now become very crowded, at Talalla Retreat you can still find the quietness that is needed.

We have unbeatable group prices… If you would like to hire our studio and host your group at Talalla, please email us at and we will endevour to meet your personalized requirements.

If you would like us to personally organize & design a retreat for you or your group we are also happy to do so with a small extra booking fee. Please advise us of your needs and we can arrange it.

For our guests, please note that the daily yoga sessions will be relocated within the Talalla grounds during the times when outside retreats are using the Shala for their personal workshops.