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When is the best surf in Sri Lanka?

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We always get asked, “When is the best surf in Sri Lanka?” A common misconception is that there is no surf on the south coast during the April to October months. Here at Talalla Surf Camp, we know the truth! We have perfect waves for beginners and intermediate surfers – + without the crowds ALL YEAR ROUND. How lucky are we!

This week a big swell ran through the Indian Ocean and the Surf Coaches here at Talalla managed to score one of our secret peaks absolutely firing. The beginners and intermediates on the Surf Camp scored some great waves at Lobsters which you can see here but the true surprise was this magic setup you can see below (sorry not telling where!).

Talalla Surf Team xo

Click on the photo below to see the full Album ;)


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Five tips for the Ultimate Sri Lanka Surf Holiday

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Sri Lanka Surf

5 Tips from Sri Lankas Best & Longest Running Surf Camp –
Talalla Surf Camp

1. Avoid the Crowds and still get Great Surf

It is said that the best time for surfers to go to Sri Lanka is from April through to October. This is true in many ways. Ocean swells are consistent 4-7 feet and wind conditions are ideal. However, during this time, surfers from many nations flock to Arugam Bay on the East Coast of the island and also called the surf Mecca of Sri Lanka.


If you do not count to those who love the hassle of surfing with 70 plus people in the water, then you might want to consider the south and south western coastline of Sri Lanka which has plenty of secret and undiscovered surf spots on offer that work during its peak and off season alike.


2. Come to Sri Lanka in the Off Season

Apparently the Off-Season for surfing in Sri Lanka is somewhat between November and April, which I think is a myth or even a lie. During this period swells hit the island from the south west and of course are not as consistent as the swells coming from the south east during the peak season, but if you want to catch cool and fun 3-5 feet waves with off shore winds almost every day and some bigger swells every now and then – this is the time to go. A big wave spot was also discovered by some Australians on southern tip of the island which has world class potential. If it’s flat there is plenty of other cool and beautiful things to do.


Make sure you go further south than Mirissa and Hikkaduwa, as these places can get crowded during the off season as well. Mirissa and Hikkaduwa are great places to have a fun night out.


3. Cheap Ways to Get Around in Sri Lanka

Many of you might be on a budget just not wanting to spend much money on transport. Thus hiring a car for a few weeks or even months might be out of question. Another option would be to stay in one of the more crowded surf spots like Mirissa or Hikkaduwa where there is plenty of accommodation close to the surfing beaches. Further south of Matara you can find good accommodation also right on the beach.( pleaase check out: )Hardly anyone knows about it and you might get some epic waves to yourself. Some of the slightly more expensive places have surf guides who know the area very well .They conduct surf checks every morning which are included in the price.



4. What to Bring to Sri Lanka

In terms of the quiver I would say your standard board will do. Perhaps take aslightly bigger board in case you travel south-east-east during the big swell season. Waves breaking on sand are powerful but still easy to get into. I have surfed some reef spots which can get challenging but the drop is definitely makeable with your standard board.


Also prepare a first aid kit containing disinfectants, band aids and perhaps antibiotics. I can also strongly recommend bringing some decent mosquito repellent. Although you can buy some good stuff here, you might get something more effective in your country. Also make sure you bring plenty of Vitamin C against infections. I have seen some nasty infected mossy bites and Vitamin C is definitely a great remedy. You might also take some general vitamin supplements plus calcium and magnesium. Sri Lankan food is actually quite versatile in fruit and vegetables but for some, this still seems to cause some deficiencies, especially when surfing a lot.


5. Do not Get Ripped Off in Sri Lanka

It can feel strange sometimes travelling in a foreign country where you have no clue about general travel, food and accommodation prices. And as Sri Lanka is still considered a third world country along with the majority of people living on the minimum of existence, you might face yourself paying tourist prices rather than local prices. My suggestion is to make some Sri Lankan friends who you can trust. They can help you get the local deals for food or transport.


Taxis from the airport to Colombo train station should not cost you more than Rs. 2000- 3000. The train is an experience not to miss out on and is only ridiculous 230 Rs. to most destinations. Buses or Taxis are usually quite pricey, I would say about 80-100$ for a 3-4 hour ride but you might be a good negotiator! Foods in supermarkets are fairly expensive, especially imported stuff, so buy your fruit and veg at the weekly markets or the little shops on the street sides. Perhaps also ask some locals about local grocery prices.



Top Surfing Destinations 2010 – Sri Lanka

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For a very long time, the political dispute between the Tamil rebels and the Sri Lankan army made visiting parts of Sri Lanka a risky proposition. But the end of the war in early 2009 has finally enhanced the security situation and opened up new opportunities for visitors and tourists who come to Sri Lanka.

The coast line is also getting back into its original beauty after the tsunami in 2004. Meaning right now is the best time to experience a range fun waves in the 3 to 7 feet range, on sandy and reef bottom for beginners and advanced surfers alike, predominantly in Sri Lankas southern regions.

Unfortunately, lots of people have the same idea, so do not expect to have it to yourself. Arugam Bay and Hikkaduwa are the main surf zones; avoid these hot spots to find some solitude.

The good news is that there is plenty of undiscovered surf between Arugam Bay and Hikkaduwa which works during both seasons.

Best time to go: November to March (west coast), May to September (south-east coast).

Click here to view original article:


Surfing in Sri Lanka

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The southern tip of Sri Lanka, where Talalla is located, offers a wide range of surf spots suitable to beginners and more advanced surfers alike.

We will find you a surf spot that suits your individual level. Wave checks along the southern tip of the coast are performed twice a day (usually early mornings and afternoons).

Surf’s up at Talalla.. we invite you to join us in paradise, for the ultimate surf retreat experience.


Surfing retreats at Talalla:

Why not enjoy one of our surfing packages at Talalla Retreat? With our fully qualified surf instructors, we offer you an all inclusive package with return transfers, accommodation, meals and surfing.



EXPLORE.. Sri Lanka’s spectacular southern tip
A tropical surf destination rich with culture and history, bejewelled with exquisite palm-fringed beaches, turquoise waters, lush tea plantations and warm local smiles.. Sri Lanka’s unique natural beauty invites exploration and discovery.


Talalla’s resident surf instructors will acquaint you with the southern coastline of this exotic island nation – a premier surfing region boasting limitless secluded surf spots and first class waves.


SURF.. a smorgasbord of world-class breaks
Sri Lanka is considered one of the most reliable surf destinations on the planet thanks to consistent Indian Ocean swells.


Talalla is the perfect base to explore an abundance of breaks dotted along the southern coastline. From mellow waves for beginners to monster reef breaks for the seasoned surfer, our daily surf adventures, lead by our instructors, will acquaint you with any amount of peeling lefts and rights and secluded point and reef breaks.


RELAX.. in elegant simplicity, Talalla style
Talalla’s tranquil retreat setting, and your home during your surfing stay, is geared towards utter relaxation. Welcome the day with some sunrise yoga, take a stroll along the beachfront, revive with a plunge into the sparkling pool, indulge in a soothing spa treatment, or simply surrender to the serenade of birdsong.


Reside in elegant villa accommodation just metres from Talalla Beach, acquaint with a rustic barefoot lifestyle, and savour the flavour of Sri Lanka, with nourishing pre surf breakfasts, a la carte lunches and evening specialities featuring the freshest seafood sourced daily from local fishermen, prepared by Talalla’s own gourmet chefs.


Undiscovered Surf Spot Sri Lanka

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Australian surfers of Talalla have discovered a great big wave surf spot about 15 minutes from the resort.
Clearly the wave gets very big and is very powerful, thus for advanced surfers only.

The wave is an A-Frame and needs the right conditions; otherwise it is only a big drop with two or three turns. When the conditions are right this wave reaches 6-8 feet plus Australian measurement. In these conditions, up to 8 good turns are possible on this massive wave. We guess its size and the fact that nobody knows about it makes it a rare object for surfers who come on their surf holiday, especially on the southern tip of Sri Lanka.

The wave works best from the end of April through to September. You can check on magic seaweed -Marissa ( and if the swell forecast says over 7 feet it will most likely work.
Why not stay in Talalla and then we can show you in person.


Surf Seasons in Sri Lanka

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October through to April on the south and southwest coast – we tend to surf waves to the west of Talalla. We have an excellent beach break that suits all levels and can direct more experienced surfers to a couple of reef breaks.

May through to September – the SE swells hit and there is plenty of secret, wind protected beaches and points which are going off during this period. During these months we surf spots to the east of Talalla, lefts, rights, our big wave and a great beach break.

Although most surfers visit Sri Lanka for a surfing holiday on the east coast staying near the world class break Arugam Bay, which is very crowded during the peak season of the east coast, epic undiscovered beaches and waves can still be discovered on the southern tip of the beautiful island of Sri Lanka.

cooler magazine

Surfer Girls

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cooler magazine

In April 2011, Jack Phillips decided to host the “Ultimate surf camp”, inviting 8 pro surfer girls to join us here at Talalla and delve into 10 days of exploration and surf coaching amongst southern Sri Lanka’s finest waves. Further, we had talented photojournalist Lucia Griggi come along for the ride and document the entire thing. This our feature story published in the UK’s Cooler Magazine (page, 82). Please see the article below:

We welcome girls of all ages and levels (even if that means “never gotten on a board”) to join us at Talalla Retreat for one of our unbeatable retreat packages. See Retreats & Pricing for more information…

The benefits you get from surfing are endless. It not only impact’ the mind, body & soul but also does tremendous things for your health that are fun and effortless ..

Health Benefits of Surfing:

The health benefits of surfing are numerous. Surfing is a great cardiovascular exercise, using mostly upper body muscles to do the paddling work, and leg muscles to guide the board once you’re up and riding. Since surfing involves more time paddling, it provides an intense upper body and core workout.

It improves:
Cardiovascular and heart health
Muscle Tone
Increased Energy

It helps to supplement your surfing with stretching, Yoga, Pilates, or some other form of cross-training so that your muscles don’t become unbalanced which is why we have combined Yoga and Surfing retreats – the only of it’s kind and quality in the whole of Sri Lanka.



Surf Breaks for Beginners and Advanced Surfers

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Sri Lankas southern coast line naturally offers all different kind of waves. Beginners can enjoy their first surf lessons at beautiful sanded beaches catching the white wash near the shore. Advanced surfers will also enjoy waves breaking on sand as they increase in size.

Some of the more advanced surfers might want to challenge themselves at some of the reef spots that can be found here on southern tip of Sri Lanka.

During the main surfing season predominantly groundswells from the SW will hit the shores of Sri Lankas southern coastline. This direction of swell causes waves to break to the left and to the right which will favour regular and goofy footers alike.

Some of the Australians who came to Sri Lanka to invest in Talalla and helped to build the place a few years ago, discovered an absolute world class surf spot here in Sri Lanka near the southern tip of this beautiful tropical island.
This spot is still an undiscovered and secret place to most surfers who come to Sri Lanka on a surfing holiday.