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You must be coco-nuts!

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Climbing a 50 metre palm with only a little coconut fibre strapped around your ankles might not be everyone’s cup of (Ceylon) tea. But here at Talalla Retreat, it’s a weekly occurrence to keep our grounds in tip top condition.

Nishantha is a lifetime coconut plucker  – or “poll kadanawa” in the local Sinhala – who’s been doing this for over 20 years. He scales the grand heights fearlessly and with the elegance of a cat, to keep our guests safe from falling young coconut and dead palm fronds.

You might be lucky enough to watch him when you’re here! But never fear, it’s just another day at the *ahem* office for Nishantha.

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An unusual visitor

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Our local Lassetter pops in for a visit to Talalla Retreat to attend a wedding ceremony.

Although technically this Elephas maximus maximus can weight up to 5500kg, she walks with grace through our grounds, stopping now and again for a nibble. Lassetter lives at the Dondra temple, the celebrity of the local Perahera parade.

An important cultural symbiosis has continued to exist between the elephant and humans for over two thousand years – no religious procession is complete without its retinue of elephants, and many large Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka still have their own elephants.

Lassetter has walked here and arrives parched. She guzzles gallons of water from the hose, and sprays it over herself ahhh…..

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Budget Travellers at Talalla

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Are you the budget conscious traveler? Talalla Retreat now has two alternative budget room options….

Set among Talalla’s beautiful landscaped gardens and tropical jungle, our lovely Sri Lankan bungalow consists of seven rooms for single or double occupancy, four shared bathrooms  and a mixed dormitory room of three bunks, just footsteps away from the crystal clear waters of Talalla Beach.

Guests are welcome to enjoy all that Talalla has to offer including use of the swimming pool, day spa and the daily yoga and surf classes.

For more information, click here to learn about the different accommodation options at Talalla.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]

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Resort Pool

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The resort’s fresh water swimming pool features at the centre of Talalla’s lush gardens and is conveniently close to the restaurant in the event of a poolside craving.

It is 20m long and 9m wide, ideal for lap swimmers or lazy days just floating around.


Kids at Talalla

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Talalla Retreat is a fantastic family holiday destination – 20m swimming pool, unspoiled beach, abundant wildlife and wide open grounds make a perfect family playground.

However, as much as we love the sound of children playing in the pool and marveling at the monkeys, we cannot accommodate families with children under the age of 10 years during the busy months of December and January.

Talalla Retreat is a retreat destination and yoga centre and during these busy months the little ones can be too disruptive.

From February to November, families with young children are very welcome and we would love you to visit!

Additional Children Charges

Children under 2 stay free of charge. We can provide a babycot with mosquito net.
Children 12 and under extra bed and board charge (see below).
12 years and over, adult price.

Pricing below is to be added to normal DOUBLE room rate.

Price per extra bed (maximum two extra beds)
BB $ 13.00

HB $ 18.00

FB $ 21.00


 excludes 12% VAT, 10% Service charge, 1% Tourism Levy .


Resort Facilities at Talalla Retreat Sri Lanka

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Our resort facilities are geared towards relaxing your body, stilling your mind and soothing your soul.

The resort restaurant is not only a place to take pleasure in fresh meals but also a spot to hang out in cosy couches enjoying a novel from our library or a drink before lunch or dinner.

The location of the resort is our greatest facility – the surroundings are lush and tranquil, and our beach is truly breathtaking.

In addition to usual hotel facilities we also have a pool, a spa and beauty treatment space and we are home to one of Asia’s largest yoga spaces.